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Financial Support Opportunities for Ecology Graduate Students

Graduate students working on Ecology degrees are eligible to apply for the following types of support. All depend on availability of funds and worthiness of the application.

1. Partial support for travel to regional or national professional meetings in which you present a paper or poster as first or sole author. Application is made by your major professor, who should describe the meeting (name, location, dates), the title and type of the presentation, and authorship. This is best done by e-mail. Support will depend on availability of funds, the nature of the meeting, and other meetings in the current year for which the Ecology Center supports your travel. Occasionally, the Ecology Center may contribute to costs of participation in an international meeting.

2. Graduate research awards (currently up to $5,000 per year). To assist in thesis or dissertation research, these are offered competitively in spring of each year and you may apply in two consecutive years. A proposal is required. The details of this competition are announced each year and are  available in the Ecology Center office.

3. Sometimes, the Ecology Center may award a few PhD assistantships. When available, this award competition is announced in the spring and requires a proposal.

4. Finishing-up funds. If you have no other sources of support, are in residence at USU working on completion of your MS or PhD degree, and are within three months of defending your thesis or dissertation, you may apply for this one-time award of up to $2,000. A one-page proposal is required and should indicate your progress, work yet to be accomplished, and anticipated defense date. The proposal must be submitted and endorsed by your major professor.