EVP Award Opportunities

The Office of the Executive Vice President (EVP) works collaboratively with departments, colleges, and other units on campus to develop, promote, and support effective academic and instructional services. EVP works across the USU system—serving and supporting faculty, staff, and students wherever they are located.

As a service unit, EVP provides support for a wide range of initiatives and programs and provides the administration with different grant opportunities for Utah State University faculty.

Classroom Technology Award


The purpose of these awards are to improve teaching and learning spaces at Utah State University. Supporting department-controlled classrooms are primarily the financial responsibility of their respective departments. Whereas, EVP is responsible for designing, building and maintaining the quality and technology of all General-Assignment Classrooms, including the Internet Video Conference (IVC) classrooms. The EVP Classroom Upgrade Award provides departments’ funds and services to upgrade their department-controlled classrooms, in order to maintain a consistent level of quality and standards across the University system.

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EVP will award five award in the amount of $6,000 each annually beginning in 2016-17. Each $6,000 award will be subsidized by EVP labor of approximately 40 hours per classroom. EVP labor will include:

  1. Teaching pedagogy consultation
  2. Room design
  3. Installation
  4. Programming
  5. Training
  6. EVP we order equipment using a provided department index.

Submission Procedure

Applicants are to submit a complete application package (cover sheet, project narrative, budget and budget justification, and support letter) as a single PDF file. Applications will not be accepted by mail or fax.

Applicants may submit only one proposal per annual competition, and no more than one award per Department will be funded. Since this is an internal award program, the proposal will not need to be reviewed by your sponsored program administrator in the USU Office of Sponsored Programs.

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  • Technology will match USU general assigned classroom standards
  • Equipment will meet GA classroom standards
  • Equipment coast savings using EVP purchasing power
  • Coordinate with USU Facilities on possible new paint, carpet, screen and teaching console
  • Department will maintain scheduling of the classroom
  • Department will assume all maintenance cost of the classroom

Review Criteria and Procedure

Proposals are reviewed by a committee under the direction of the Executive Vice Provost and Dean of EVP. In order to provide the review committee with additional information on which to base a funding decision, department heads may be invited to provide comments on the credentials of the applicant and the importance of the proposed project.

The committee uses the following criteria to evaluate proposals:

  • Seat count of classroom
  • Hours classroom is utilized
  • Age of equipment
  • Departmental contribution

Ongoing Support

After the initial award has been awarded and all work completed, the department may choose to contract for ongoing support of the classroom. The department assumes all costs associated with the maintenance of the classroom. The award will not affect the administrative control (i.e. scheduling) of the classroom. Where needed, USU Facilities may be contacted to coordinate physical facility upgrades.

Contact Information

If you have any questions concerning these procedures or need assistance, please contact Shane Thomas shane.thomas@usu.edu or call 435-797-0525.

*USU Eastern Faculty are encouraged to contact their campus administrators for USU Eastern-Only Faculty award opportunities.