By Kat Webb, University Marketing & Communications | March 11, 2022

Faculty member using a computer

New Canvas Tool Allows More Efficient, Personalized Support

Screenshot of new Canvas toolThe Center for Innovative Design and Instruction (CIDI) has teamed up with the Teaching and Learning Technologies (TLT) office to create a new tool in Canvas for instructors to specify how they would like the CIDI support team to address potential technical issues in their Canvas courses. Instructors can also specify additional topics and services that interest them.

Neal Legler, director of CIDI, said as his team supports students and instructors in Canvas, they identify things that could be improved, like broken links or inaccessible content, and they need instructors’ permission before fixing them.

“But that can become time consuming and even bothersome to the instructor,” Legler added. “This form allows instructors to let us know whether they pre-authorize certain fixes or want us to ask them first. Beyond that, it lets them tell us what additional things they are interested in, and we can use that information to know what types of training and services we should focus on.”

The new form is available under “Service Preferences” in the Canvas user account menu. Instructors can access it and update their preferences at any time. CIDI and the Office of Empowering Teaching Excellence (ETE) will refer to this information regularly to provide more efficient and personalized services.


Neal Legler
Director, Center for Innovative Design and Instruction
Academic & Instructional Services
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