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NSf Career Award

The National Science Foundation’s most prestigous honor given to young faculty is the CAREER Award. Only professionals capable of integrating cutting-edge research and teaching opportunities who show promise for leadership in their field are bestowed with this honor. Is it any surprise that Utah State had 12 recipients of the award in 2011? The following are the CAREER Award recipients and the titles of the grant proposals.

OENARDI LAWANTO: Cognitive and Megacognitive Activities in Engineering Design Education.

DAVID ROSENBERG: Near Optimal Water Management to Improve Environment and Ecological Decision Making.

PETER ADLER: Forcasting Climate Change Impacts on Plant Communities? When Do Species Interactions Matter?

WEI REN: Distributed Multi-vehicle Cooperative Control - A Consensus Theoretical Approach.

CLAUDIA RADEL: Gendered Transitional Labor Migration, Agriculture, and Environmental Change in Mesoamerica.

Chris Winstead

BRIAN BELLAND: Supporting Middle School Students’ Construction of Evidence-based Arguments.

SEAN JOHNSON: Structural Studies of Ski 2-like RNA Helicases.

VICTOR LEE: Engaging Elementary Students in Data Analysis through Study of Physical Activities.

ANTHONY LOWRY: Earth Rheology and Deformation Processes.


Chris Winstead is working to create artificial communication networks that can bypass damaged neural circuits in the body.

TAMMY RITTENOUR: Understanding Processes Related to Arroyo Systems, Southern Utah.

ETHAN WHITE: Advancing Macroecology Using Informatics and Entropy Maximization.

CHRIS WINSTEAD: Low-energy Circuits for Implantable Networks.