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Academic Mentors


Rebecca Ashby
Academic Mentor

I'm a junior studying Costume Design here at USU. I love Utah State because of the location and opportunities, but mainly because of all the amazing people I've met here! I love getting involved with different clubs and communities around campus that allow me to express myself and my passions with like-minded people. I'm so excited to start my second year working as an Academic Mentor and to help fellow USU students work towards academic success! I've been involved with the Smart Start program since I first came to USU and I'm so excited to be a part of it and to watch it grow and develop.

Mallory Bangerter
Academic Mentor

Hello! I am a junior at USU studying elementary education. My hobbies include watching New Girl, eating True Aggie Night ice cream, and reading books. I am so excited to work with everyone at Utah State this year. Go Aggies!

Audrey Bateman
Academic Mentor

I am a junior pursuing two degrees in Psychology and English Literature! I love watching movies especially if superheroes are involved. I am from Mississippi which means I can and like to cook. I have been living in Utah for a little over two years now. I am an open book. I will tell you my entire life story if you let me. I am people oriented and love helping and getting to know people. My best friend says my spirit animal is a pit bull puppy: hyper and playful but ferocious when I have to be.

Marissa Storey
Academic Mentor

Hello everyone! I am a second year art major currently. I'm also super nerdy (anyone up for some DND or some board games?). I am a book lover and always looking for something new to read. I'm super excited for this upcoming school year and all of the adventures that it brings. I love that at USU there is so much you can do to get involved and meet people - you can always find something to do and meet nice people while you are at it. I'm ready to start my new adventure and learn some new things, and I hope to see all of you doing the same.

Maren Lappens
Academic Mentor

Hello, hello! I'm an overly caffeinated biochemistry and cultural anthropology major with interests in medicine and forensics. My hobbies include starfishing in random places and eating ice cream. I'm from the beautiful land of Colorado, but Utah State caught my eye with its stunning campus and lively students. So here's to a great year of academia, free food filled school events, and much more. And like always, GO AGGIES!

Erika Beck
Academic Mentor

I'm in my third year here at USU and I have absolutely loved it! I am majoring in psychology in the hopes of eventually becoming a school psychologist. My hobbies include hiking, reading, drawing, and speed walking across campus in order to get to my classes on time. If you ever see me around don't be afraid to say hi, I love meeting people and making new friends!

Aubrey Wild
Academic Mentor


James Kellmer
Academic Mentor

I'm a Junior here at Utah State. I look to graduate with a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting with a Minor in Criminal Justice. I then want to come back to USU for the MAcc program. I want to work with forensic accounting. I am currently speaking to a professor about doing research in this field. I love to play chess, sports, read, and am an occasional gamer.

I love that the USU campus has the feeling of home. I have experienced this myself and have seen it change others' lives. The community on campus is so much fun! This year I am looking forward to meeting new people, forging new friendships, and enjoying good times!

Alexis Albertoni
Academic Mentor (Second Year Program)

I am currently in my third year up here at Utah state and absolutely love it! I am a social work major and I'm excited to start the advanced standing program this year. My favorite things include traveling, watching the office and anything Utah State!


Lauren Bennett
Academic Mentor (Second Year Program)

I am majoring in journalism and minoring in political science and sociology. I'm looking forward to working with residents this year and hopefully helping them through the school year.