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Residence Life Staff


South Campus Residence Director



South Campus Resident Assistants (RAs)


Moen Hall


Aubrynn  Sloat
Engineering Theme - Rooms 101-202

I am so excited to be an RA this year! I was born and raised in Utah valley, I am a sophomore this year and my major is History Teaching with a minor in Latin and Geography Teaching. I love Utah State and can't wait to share my love of this amazing school with you!.


MK Jones
Engineering Theme - Rooms 203-304

I'm a Sophomore here at USU, buried up to my face in Electrical Engineering studies. I'm a mainly Filmmaker in my free time, but I also enjoy immersing myself in almost anything "nerdy" (Legend of Zelda, Doctor Who, D&D, etc.). I've loved my time here at USU, as it's provided me with several opportunities I never would have had otherwise. I'm excited for what this new school year will bring! Geronimo!


Greaves Hall


Mackenzie Garrison
Global Village Theme (Rooms 101-202)

I am a sophomore majoring in marketing here at Utah State. I enjoy traveling, the beach, and traveling to the beach. I'm so excited for the upcoming school year and I hope to make it a great year for everyone!


Zach Wootton
Global Village Theme (3rd Floor)

I am from Sandy, UT. I love all the great outdoor recreation here in Logan. I enjoy all of the amazing extra curricular activities here on campus, from football to plays. I'm looking forward to working with the students here on campus and being an aid when needed.


Reeder Hall


Alea Soboloski
Rooms 101-202

I'm an Elementry Education major, and I chose USU because it has the best Elementary Education program in Utah, and third in the country. It made sense to come here to pursue my dream of becoming a second grade teacher. I'm super excited for my second year as an RA because I can't wait to meet even more new people! I look forward to be involved in their lives and helping them pursue their dreams. The atmosphere of living on campus is phenomenal, because when we all live in such close proximity, we almost become family. Plus, how great is it that you can roll out of bed ten minutes before class and still be on time?!


Wesley Carter
Rooms 203-304

I am a Junior at USU majoring in Family and Consumer Sciences Education and Human Development with Minors in Family Finance and Women Gender Studies. I lived in Lindon, Utah my whole life but now call Logan my new home. I love Utah State and can't wait to be a Resident Assistant, and help students living on campus to thrive.


Merrill Hall


Emma Newby
1st Floor-West

I love USU because it has such great and unique communities and so many different experiences.


Jordan Lowe
1st Floor-East

I am so excited to be an RA this year! I am a sophomore studying wildlife science. I love anything that has to do with the outdoors especially hiking and snowboarding. This year I hope to get my residents involved with everything our campus has to offer so they don't miss a thing.


Taylor Paul
2nd Floor-West

I'm majoring in business marketing while completing pre-medical requirements. I love learning new things. USU has such a beautiful campus while Logan's nature reminds me of home. I believe that each year has so much potential; watching everyone grow and learn has been my favorite part.



Laura Aley
2nd Floor-East

Hey! I'm the RA team lead for Merrill Hall and I'm over the 2nd floor on the East side. I play rugby for the USU Women's team and I'm bilingual! I love my job and can't wait to meet you all :)


Samuel Bishop
3rd Floor-West

I love dreams, and sea shells


Dillan Passmore
3rd Floor-East

Yo! First thing you should probably know about me is that I say 'Yo' a lot. Second, I really love USU for three reasons: ice cream, mountains and the people. I always look forward to meeting new people and getting to know and interact with them. I'm studying Journalism and Political Science...that's fun right? I'm not one for long walks on the beach, but I do like longboarding. Other hobbies and interests/conversation starters with me are rock climbing, gardening, hiking, rafting, burro training, food, backpacking, Back to the Future, the Mandolin and running.


RHA Executive


Daniel Oliveros
RHA Community Relations Coordinator

I love all the opportunities I've been given here at USU. I love my new job and look forward to creating a great council and throwing some insane events!