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Residence Life Staff


South Campus Residence Director


Justin Peterson

(435) 797-0493

I love the atmosphere and housing communities across campus. I am looking forward to meeting the residents of South Campus and eating a lot of burgers at Morty's Cafe. I am ready to rock these next semesters and give free Lock-Out Coupons to anybody that can beat me in a rap battle (entirely serious). 


South Campus Office


Aubrynn Sloat

Office Manager

I will be in the Merrill Hall office if you ever have any questions! We are so excited that you chose to live in South Campus!


South Campus Resident Assistants (RAs)


Moen Hall


MK Jones
Engineering Theme - Rooms 101-202

Hello! I am called MK, probably because that's my name. I'm the "grandpa" of South Campus, as this will be my 4th year as an RA in Moen Hall. I'm a Biochemistry student here at USU, and have a tendency to embody the Absent-Minded Professor. Outside of schoolwork, I enjoy 3D modeling, writing, cooking, filmmaking, philosophy, gaming, poetry, biking, comedy, and most things within the realm of nerdiness. Life may be crazy now, but I'm excited to see what innovations we'll make. Go Aggies!

Cara Frischkorn
Engineering Theme - Rooms 203-304

Hello! I'm one of the Guardians of Moen, Haven of Engineers and Other Nerds! I'm a Senior in Mechanical Engineering, Emphasis in Aerospace and Minor in Anticipatory Intelligence. I am originally of the land of Anchorage, Alaska but this will be my fourth year in Moen and my third year as one of the RAs. I adore Stargate SG-1, rocketry, and all things space exploration. In my occasional free time I also love climbing, skiing, biking, hiking, and generally getting outside. Despite the circumstances, I know this will be a great year, and I look forward to our adventures!

Greaves Hall


Marin Easton
Global Village Theme (Rooms 101-202)

 USU has been my family's first pick since it first opened in 1988. For me personally, they have one of the best Dietetics programs in the United States. I love cooking and travelling. Based on current events it seems I will be doing much more of the former and far less of the latter. I hope to bring positivity and enthusiasm to South Campus this year. We're going to overcome some hard things and have an amazing year!

Nathan Kwong
Global Village Theme (Rooms 203-304)

I'm from the foggy city of San Francisco and currently a Junior studying Electrical Engineering as well as minoring in Mathematics. So you might be asking what brought me here to Utah State? Well what brought me here  was the fact that the university just felt so welcoming and very well connected with nature. I love music mainly Jazz so if you want to jam out to some jazz or any type of music, my door is always open. I can't wait to meet all of you this year!

Reeder Hall


Tacy Petersen
Native American Theme (Rooms 101-202)

I am a sophomore Psychology Major, with a minor in Chemistry. I am excited for my first year as an RA, I want to help my residents navigate the University with the COVID-19 issues and still succeed at their goals and aspirations.  I am always willing to talk with people and love to share in other's success or help them learn and brainstorm from less than success.

Sarah Thompson
Native American Theme (Rooms 203-304)


Merrill Hall


Katie Snow
1st Floor - East

Hi, my name is Katie. I am a senior studying Marketing here at Utah State. This is my third year as an RA and I really love helping my residents and being a resource for them to go to. I love reading, country dancing, and hanging out with friends. This year is definitely going to be a bit crazy, but we can figure out things together. I can't wait to have a great year with you!

Justin Jaques
1st Floor - West

Hello! My name is Justin Jaques and stoked to be your RA (Resident Assistant) this year!! This year will be full of challenges but I promise that myself and our staff will do our best to make your stay here awesome and one to remember!  

Little info about me, I love fishing and camping.  Grew up at a ranch in Vernal, Utah and love the outdoors.  Major is Landscape Architecture and it's something I've grown to love and have a passion for.


John Belnap
2nd Floor - East

Hi I'm John! I'm a computer science major and this is my second year here at USU. I have enjoyed my time living here on campus, and I hope I can help others to enjoy their experience here too! If you love reading, movies, board games, Aggie Ice Cream, or really anything else nerdy then I'm sure we can be fast friends.

Kylee Behunin
2nd Floor - West



Diana Stoddard
3rd Floor - East

Hey Y'all! I am super excited to be an RA for the 3rd year and 1st year in Merrill Hall. I am a senior studying accounting, international business, and Russian. (I promise I'm not a boring accounting student, though.) I love reading, running, hiking, and exploring the outdoors. I have 7 siblings and can be a little (okay actually a lot) sarcastic at times. I look forward to this new school year and can't wait to meet all of you and help make your time at USU super fun.

Caitlyn Clawson
3rd Floor - West

I'm a Math/Stats Composite Education major aspiring to be a high school teacher. I could give a formula for how much I love math, but it would be like dividing by 0. It too epic to be defined. (Sorry. I know that's cheesy) I also really like books and try to find ways to incorporate random books quotes into daily life. I also like words. My favorite word is hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia. The irony of it is wonderful. I love USU and am so glad that I'm able to come to school here. It's such a wonderful community and there are so many amazing people. Even though things are a bit different this year, I'm glad that we can have classes and am excited for all the wonderful things there are to learn. It would just be nice if we could learn them without so much homework ;)

RHA Executive


Kayla Orton
RHA National Communications Coordinator

I am a senior studying Family and Consumer Sciences Education! I love Utah State and am looking forward to the upcoming year!