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Engineering House

Moen Hall


The Engineering Theme (E-Floor) is geared towards Engineering and Computer Science Majors. The E-Floor is found on the second and third floors of Moen Hall in South Campus, right next to the Business Building, Merrill-Craizer Library, Physics buildings, and the all-important Engineering Building. The theme is open to freshmen and returning students alike. Fear not the study-intensiveness of the Engineering and Computer Science programs because finding a study group or homework help for your classes is as easy as walking outside your apartment.

The E-Floor also has its own computers, provided by the Engineering Computer Lab, with all of the programs needed for your major. There are plenty of fun-filled engineering themed programs such as the annual cardboard boats race, egg drop, and the steam tunnels tour that resides below USU.

Sign up on the Housing Application by selecting "Engineering" under Theme Housing Options.