How to Implement the SmarterMeasure Readiness Survey

SmarterMeasure is a web-based assessment that measures non-cognitive attributes, technical skills, and readiness for online and self-regulated learning. Students receive a detailed report of their results with positive reinforcement and helpful resources. Since developed in 2002, SmarterMeasure has been taken by over 5 million students.

This assessment helps students identify:

  • Are they good managers of their time?
  • Do they tend to procrastinate?
  • How are their technology skills?
  • What are your students’ strengths and challenges, collectively and individually?

Instructors can access the results and identify at-risk students and gain insight into what areas they may struggle. When students complete SmarterMeasure, they receive a full color report with feedback, suggestions for improvement, and resources for support.

The SmarterMeasure tool can be added as a module or assignment to your Canvas course by:

  1. Click the "Assignments" or “Modules” section of your course.
  2. Click the "Add" link.
  3. Enter a title, like “SmarterMeasure Survey
  4. In the “Submission Type” area, choose "External Tool" and click "Find".
    Canvas External Tool sample
  5. Scroll through the list to find “SmarterMeasure” and click “Select”.
  6. Enter the additional assignment information (i.e. points, dates, etc.)
  7. Save & Publish the assignment or module.

After students complete the Survey you’ll be able to see their results and readiness profile.

Common Issues

The survey opens in a new window. A student’s browser should be configured allow browsers to open new windows. See "Configuring your web browser to allow pop-up windows" for Instructions on changing browser settings.

As a work around, students can do the following (although these results will not be linked to the Canvas Course). Contact USU Online for the results, if needed.

For additional questions concerning the SmarterMeasure Assessment, please contact Kevin Shanley, Director of USU Online, or 797-8177.