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Executive Committee

Name Office UMC
Cockett, Noelle E.
435-797-7172 1400
Galey, Francis D.
Executive Vice President and Provost
435-797-1167 1435
Abercrombie, Neil N.
Vice President, Government Relations
435-797-0257 1455
Anderson, Douglas D.
Dean, Jon M. Huntsman School of Business
435-797-0887 3500
Anderson, Janet B.
Associate Vice President, Academic and Instructional Services, and Vice Provost
435-797-2104 1435
Bailey, Jodi
Chief Audit Executive
435-797-1084 1430
Berreau, Lisa
Vice President, Research
435-797-1180 1450
Duncan, Jennifer
Interin Dean, Libraries
435-797-2687 3000
Cowley, David T.
Vice President, Business and Finance
435-797-1146 1445
Smith, Alan
Dean, Emma Eccles Jones College of Education and Human Services
435-797-8558 2800
Baker, Michelle
Interim Dean, College of Science
435-797-2478 0305
Hanks, Nancy
Executive Assistant to the President
435-797-7172 1400
Hartwell, John H.
Vice President and Director, Athletics
435-797-0912 7400
Hawley, Eric S.
Chief Information Officer
435-797-1134 4420
Hancock, Jed
President, USU Research Foundation
713-3084 9700
Kaluarachchi, Jagath
Dean, College of Engineering
435-797-2021 4100
Flores, Tony
President, Staff Employee Association
Luecke, Chris
Dean, S.J. and Jessie E. Quinney College of Natural Resources
435-797-2452 5200
McKinney, Mica
Vice President, Legal Affairs
435-797-1160 1465
Morales, James D.
Vice President, Student Affairs
435-797-0226 0175
Nardo, Rachel
Dean, Caine College of the Arts
435-797-7942 4060
Plate, William
Vice President, Marketing and Communications
435-797-1351 0500
Smith, Laurens H.
Vice President, Statewide Campuses
435-797-0180 5105
Edwards, Boyd
President, Faculty Senate
Torrens, Michael
Director, Analysis, Assessment & Accreditation
435-797-6183 1437
Wagner, Robert W.
Vice President, Academic & Instructional Services
435-797-0945 5100
Ward, Joseph P.
Dean, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
435-797-1195 0700
White, Kenneth L.
Vice President, Extension and Dean, College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences
435-797-2201 1540
White, Matthew T.
Vice President for Advancement
435-797-8657 1520