Division Activities and Events

Standard operating procedures and resources for students

All departments under the Division of Student Affairs will adhere to the following Student Activity and Event Standard of Operating Procedures (SOP) for all activities and events planned and executed for FY21 (or until further notice).

All activities and events must be approved in advance by the Vice President of Student Affairs, Dr. James Morales, by completing the Student Activity or Student Events application form.

At least six weeks should be allowed for the event approval process. All events must comply with USU Travel and Visitor Standard Operating Procedures (link here).

Requirements and Checklist


Education & Resources

To get started, enroll in the Event Approval Processs Tutorial for information about event spaces including event space occupancy and how many particpants are allowed in these programmable spaces.


Application & Risk Management Plan

Determine whether you are planning an Activity or an Event. Fill out the application in detail. Be prepared with contact/sponsor information, schedule, location, type of event, justification, audience, explanation of organization, agreement to fulfill state, university, division requirements, and an explanation of how you will mitigate risk.


Submission for Approval

Logan - The Director over your department must submit your signed applications to the Vice President of Student Affairs, Dr. James Morales.

Statewide Campuses – Once the student sponsoring the event and their USUSA/Club Advisor have completed and signed the form they will submit it their corresponding Associate Vice President. The AVP will review and submit to the Vice President of Statewide Campuses Dr. Larry Smith



The Event Evaluation Form needs to be completed within five business days of the activity or event. It will be evaluated by the student events working group and then given to VP Morales.

Activity and Event Questions

Please contact Linda Zimmerman for questions about approving your event or activity.

Linda Zimmerman