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Big Blue

Are you Big Blue? Probably not; however, you may not have known that Utah State's mascot has some deep history.

Originally Big Blue was a real white bull painted blue before home football game. Because of the damage done to the football field Big Blue was discontinued.

In 1986 Big Blue got a second life when Student Athletics Vice President John Mortensen decided that Utah State should get a new mascot and spent $750 on a costume for Big Blue. The costume was somewhat of a disappointment because it was royal blue, not navy, had real animal horns, and was not easy to move around in. Big Blue took another backseat for two seasons until 1989 when a student pestered the cheerleading advisor, Linda Zimmerman, to let him be the mascot. Big Blue has been an iconic symbol for USU ever since. Many former Big Blues have gone on to become professional mascots and their identities remain anonymous.

Alumni e-Newsletter October and December 2003