“It's not enough to have talent, you also have to be Hungarian.”
—Robert Capa, photographer

The managing editor at Western Historical Quarterly, Diane Bush honed her skills during a 2007–2009 editorial fellowship at Western American Literature, a stone’s throw from Old Main in USU’s English department. She graduated from USU in May 2009 with an MS in American Studies and has an MA (in visual communication) from the University of Minnesota. For over a decade, she worked as a photographer and reporter at newspapers in Utah, Oregon, and Minnesota, where she specialized in documentary and sports photography and personal essays. Her ongoing research interests focus on the Donner party and lesser-known individuals who explore the Donner trail. She plans to turn her creative nonfiction thesis, a collection of essays exploring her own obsession with the Donner party, titled “Thaw,” into a book.

Contact Diane at diane.bush@usu.edu

Diane Bush