Many students at USU serve religious missions before or during their time at USU. You can easily defer your admission or notify USU that you are taking leave for your mission. If you are uncertain of your leave date, or if your plans change while you are away, we can easily adjust and are here to talk you through it. If you would like to talk with someone about your options, consider scheduling an appointment with Isaiah Jones or Peggy Brown.


If you are deferring your admission, meaning you have never attended USU before, you will need to upload a copy of your mission call within the application portal. If you are taking a leave from USU after attending one or more semesters, you are not required to submit documentation since students are allowed to take leave for up to three years (unless they withdraw, were suspended, or graduated).

Resources for Leaving and Returning

Parents of Missionaries

Helping a missionary on leave can often be an overwhelming task for a parent or family member. There are some things you'll need to know before they leave and as they return. Find out more on the Parents of Missionaries page.

What if I am a Graduate student?

Graduate students file a leave of absence via a different process, and follow different policies than undergraduate students. For more information go to https://gradschool.usu.edu/leave-absence-continuous-registration/.

What if I am an International Student?

International students must contact the office of Global Engagement located in Military Science 115, by phone at 435-797-1124 or by email at usuintl@usu.edu or global.engagement@usu.edu.

Isaiah Jones