wifi icon Share PowerPoint & View Zoom Participants

Below are instructions for viewing a PowerPoint presentation along with a larger image of the Zoom participants. Two monitors are required. If you only have one monitor, go to the Share Content page on the left.

View Student Video Larger when Screen Sharing (Multiple Monitors Required)

If you would rather view students larger than what is available with the floating video panel, the setting show your Zoom windows while screen sharing can be helpful. Your Zoom call will remain its normal size on one monitor while your content being shared will be on the other.

To activate this option, it will first need to be enabled within your account settings on https://zoom.usu.edu


Click on Settings within the left navigation


Find Show Zoom windows during screen share and toggle it on

This is found within the In Meeting (Basic) section.

Next, you will have to go in and enable Zoom windows within the application settings.

Open the Zoom desktop application and sign in with SSO


Select the settings (gear) icon in the top right corner underneath your profile picture (or initials)


Open the Share Screen tab on the left


Check the box next to Show my Zoom windows to other participants when I am screen sharing

Zoom application settings with Share Screen selection selected and Show my Zoom Windows to other participatns when I am screen sharing selected

Share PowerPoint with Presenter View

If you would like to view your PowerPoint presenter notes, follow these instructions:


Follow the steps above to enable show Zoom windows while screen sharing


Start the PowerPoint presentation in presenter mode


Start the Zoom meeting


Move and resize the Zoom window to cover the current slide on the screen with the PowerPoint notes (presenter view).

One monitor should have the PowerPoint presentation full screen, while the other monitor should look like this:

Zoom window covering part of the presenter view in PowerPoint.


In Zoom, click on Share Screen and share the desktop with the slide in full screen

Allow Others to Progress PowerPoint Slides

You can allow another participant in the Zoom call to progress through PowerPoint slides shared by yourself or someone else. Enable Slide Control in your settings on zoom.usu.edu. Then when in the call and after sharing content full-screen, select Slide Control in the sharing toolbar. See Zoom Help Center Controlling Slides for details.