Create an Assessment in a Content Page

This tutorial is for faculty who would like to integrate a variety of questions within their Canvas lesson content. These questions can be graded or ungraded.


On a content or assignment page, select Edit

Select edit


Select the place in your editable text that you would like to insert the assessment or question

Select the page in your editable text


In the Rich Text Editor menu (along the top of the editable text box), find and select the plugin icon and select Atomic Assessments

If Atomic Assessments doesn't appear in the dropdown, you may need to click on View All and find it in the menu

arrow pointing at atomic assessments option in plugin tool


If you have already created the question(s) you would like to add, select Start from an existing activity

arrow pointing at start from an existing activity button

If you have not already created the question(s), select Start with a new activity, enter an assignment name and click Create Assignment

arrow pointing at start with a new activity button

create a new assignment preview window


Edit your items and settings using the available tabs

arrow pointing at atomic assessments tabs


If you would like the questions to be included in the course grade, enable Create gradebook entry in Settings

arrow pointing at gradebook entry option


When you are ready to add the assessment to your page, go to the Settings tab and select Save

arrowp pointing at save in the settings tab


Preview your assessment to check for errors

Preview your assessment for errors


Select Save

Select save

Edit Content Page Assessments

You can edit in-lesson questions in two ways.


Using the Edit, Reports, and Preview icons, you can edit the assessment from the content page

Edit the assessment


The assessment is also accessible from the course navigation on the Atomic Assessments page

Access the assessment from the course navigation


In the Atomic Assessments Editor, in-lesson assessments are indicated by a “page” icon

In-lesson assessments have a page icon


Note: If the assessment or question is deleted from the Atomic Assessments menu, the following error will appear


Deleted error

If you want to remove the question from the page, delete it as if it were an image in a word processing document or use View Page History to select a past version.