Duplicate an Atomic Assessment Assignment

One of the great things about Atomic Assessments is that you can have an item in multiple places and it will update in all of the places if any changes are made. However, that is not helpful if you want to use the original assignment as a template for a new assignment. This page will walk you through the steps of duplicating an assignment, the activity behind it, and the items within it to use as a template for a new assignment without modifying the original.


In your Canvas course, click on the Atomic Assessment link in the course navigation


To the right of the assignment title, click on the three dot menu button


Click on Duplicate assignment from the listed options

assignment options menu with duplicate assignment option highlighted


Enter a new title for the duplicated assignment


The new assignment will appear in the assignment list

The duplicated assignment will include the settings from the original assignment. If you don't change the name, the new title include "Copy" at the end. By default the duplicated assignment will be assigned to everyone in the class but will not be published.