Atomic Assessments Outcomes

This tutorial will go over how to review Student Reports and Outcomes in Atomic Assessments.

Identifying Outcomes


From within Atomic Assessments, click the Item Bank tab

arrow pointing at Item Bank tab


Click on the Tags tab

Click on the Tags tab


Create the tags

There are 3 levels of tags:

  • Level 1 is the most encompassing with Level 2 as a sub-group and so on

  • There is no limit to the number of tags added to each level

  • Individual tags can also be created outside of the levels in the Tag type box

Different levels of tags


Navigate directly to the Items tab

The tags save automatically

Choose Items tab


Click on any item to add tags to it

Notice that there are no tags associated with the item in the example below.

Click an item to add a tag


Click Settings

Tags can only be added to Items, not individual questions that may appear in the item. (An Item may only include one question, which is the only way to tie the tag to the question.)

Access settings for the individual item


Navigate to the Tags section

Click tags within settings


Type in the name of the tag(s) you would like to associate with your item

Type the name of the tag


Scroll down to the bottom and click Apply

If the tags are not applied, it will not save

Click apply after the tags are done


Save the Item

Save the tag within the item


Click Back to return to the Items page

Go back to the items page once the tag is saved


Review the Item's associated tags


You can now see the tags associated with the item

Viewing Outcomes Reports

Once you have tags associated with your assessments, you can take full advantage of the Atomic Assessments Reports. To view your assessments' reports, navigate to the Atomic Assessments homepage and then click on the title of an assignment that students have completed.

There, you will be given a list of tabs that each contain a specific set of information:

tabs highlighted: Summary, Item Scores, Item Stats, Responses, Errors, Outcomes

  • Summary: The assessment's basic summary including the class performance and the time spent by each student.
  • Items Scores: Scores are given for individual Items and questions. This report can be filtered by section.
  • Item Stats: More in-depth statistics for each item and question, including averages, medians and standard deviations.
  • Responses: A quick summary of individual questions – including right and wrong answers that were commonly selected.
  • Errors: The errors of when a student's grade cannot be written in the gradebook.
  • Outcomes: The outcomes of the tags previously created. In order to access the Level 2 and Level 3 tags, select the Level 1 tag. This will open the Level 2 tags, which can be selected to show the Level 3 tags. From here, tags can be assessed to gauge students' understanding of a particular outcome.

Tags report example with 3 tags

Atomic Assessments - Get Started

The following list of pages will guide you through getting started with this tool. The current page is listed in bold.