Use Question Datasets in Atomic Assessments

CSV (comma-separated values) data sets can be used in most question types. Datasets are useful in assessments with math and plain text when you would like questions to pull from a bank of options. Currently, data sets will not accommodate special characters.


In your assessment, select Create Item

Create an item


Name the item

Then, select Settings

Select settings


Select Data table

Select Data table


Enter your CSV data

To avoid errors, ensure that you have formatted the data correctly with a comma and space after each value

Enter your CSV data


To see the table generated by the data entered, select Continue

Select continue


When you are finished, select Apply

Select Apply


Create or open a question

(Data sets can be used on multiple questions within the same item and the same data row will be used for all questions, so you can have multi-part questions that reference the same data)

Create or open a question


When you are ready to insert a data reference, in the text editor of the question, click on Data

The list of column headers will appear

Choose the column header for the data that should be used at that point in the question

Choose your data


Enter the rest of the question

Enter the questions


When writing distractors (incorrect answer options), make sure to avoid duplicates that also appear in your data set

Another option is to use several columns in your data set so that you can have distractors as part of your table

Avoid duplicate in data set


Questions and answer choices will generate from the data set for students

Questions and answer will generate