Set-up Atomic Creating and Editing Question Items in Atomic Assessments Assessments

In other quiz software, the term “item” may indicate a single question. However, in Atomic Assessments, an “item” may refer to a single question or a group of questions that will appear together.


In Atomic Assessments create a New Assignment or select an existing one

If you select an existing assignment, you will need to navigate to the Edit icon near the top right of the screen as depicted in the image below.

edit pencil icon highlighted


Navigate to the Items tab

arrow pointing at items tab


Select Create item

If you have already created an item, skip to Step 10.

Create item


Add a title

If you do not add a title, Atomic Assessments will generate a string of numbers and letters as your item title. This may be confusing if the item needs to be added to multiple assignments

Add a title


To change item settings, including its general layout, tags, and CSV data, select Settings

Click settings

Note: While item-specific settings are controlled from the Settings button to the right of the item title, settings for the overall assignment are controlled from the Settings tab to the left of the Items tab.

Settings for the item


To add questions to your item, select Add new

Add new


Once you have added questions and settings, select Save

Save changes


To access the main Edit page, select Back

On the Edit page, items can be previewed and rearranged.

Select back


To remove an item, select the check box to the left of the item name, then select Remove

This item is no longer in the quiz, but is still available in the item bank.

Select remove


To access a previously created item and add it to an assessment, select Find items

Select find items


Select the item you would like to add

Click the check box


Then, select Add # Item(s)

Select Add # Item(s)

Atomic Assessments - Get Started

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