Add MyMedia Video to Atomic Assessments Item

If you would like to include a video from your "My Media" collection, you'll need to do the following:


While editing an Atomic Assessment, either create a new item or add a feature to the current item

Click on the + button


Then, click on the Features button

arrow pointing at features button


Choose the Passage option

Passage option


In a new browser window, go to your My Media page in Canvas

Click on the title of the video that you want to use

Click the title of the video


Click on the Share button


Copy the text that appears as automatically selected (on your keyboard hold down the command key and type c on MacOS or ctrl + c on PC)

Copy the embed code


Go back to the window where you were editing the Atomic Assessment

Click in the Contents box

Delete the text "[Enter passage content here]"

Then, click on the Source button

Create or open a question


Paste in the copied embed code (on your keyboard hold down the command key and type v on MacOS or ctrl + v on PC) then press the OK button

Paste the copied embed code


Add a Heading and press Save

Add a heading


Continue adding a question, if desired