New to My Media (Kaltura)?

We set up a step-by-step page that will walk you through the basics of My Media and how to use it.

Get Started

My Media

Kaltura provides USU Canvas users with a media repository ( > Account > My Media). You can publish specific videos from your repository to Media Galleries on each course you teach.

Get Help with Common Tasks

Record Presentation on Your Computer

You can use the Kaltura CaptureSpace tool to record a presentation on your computer.

Open the My Media Repository

The easiest way to open your My Media repository is from your Canvas dashboard.

Record Class Lecture with Kaltura Classroom

Kaltura Classroom is software that allows you to record in a classroom.

Publish Media to Course Gallery

Videos can be published to a course's media gallery.

Upload a Video to My Media

You can upload a video from your local computer to your My Media repository. 

Schedule Kaltura Classroom Recording

Activate the Media Gallery in your course, then submit a recording request form.