Automatically Record Zoom Meetings

While scheduling an event, find the Meeting Options section and locate Record the meeting automatically. Make sure that box is checked and choose whether to save to the Cloud or locally on your computer. This will activate an automatic recording for that meeting.

Making All Meetings Be Recorded Automatically

If you would like all of your meetings to be automatically recorded, follow the instructions below:


Go to and sign in to your account


Navigate to the Settings tab

settings tab highlighted


Select the Recording tab at the top

recordings tab highlighted


Scroll down and locate Automatic recording and toggle it on

Automatic Recording highlighted with arrow pointing at toggle


Select whether you want them saved to the Cloud or locally on your computer

Unless you have a specific reason to do so, we recommend that you choose to have them saved to the Cloud. Then, click Save.

Record in cloud selected and highlighted

Note that automatic recordings begin the moment anyone joins the meeting. If you have Allow participants to join anytime turned on and students join the call early, that will be captured in a recording.

Note: If recording locally, automatic recordings will only start if the host is joining from the Zoom desktop application. Hosting from mobile devices or dialing in will not initiate the automatic recording.