How to Integrate Zoom into Canvas

To activate Zoom, follow the directions below.


Open your course in Canvas


On the left-hand side, open Settings.


Using the tabs at the top, go to Navigation.


Scroll down the page and find Zoom.


Select the three dots next to Zoom and click Enable or move the Zoom item to the top section of visible tools to the location where you would like to access it.


Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save.

Once the Zoom page is activated, this is where you will go to schedule meetings. This is also where you and your students will go to attend class meetings and access recordings.

Meeting Tabs

On the Zoom page, you will see tabs for Upcoming Meetings, Previous Meetings, Personal Meeting Room, and Cloud Recordings.

Upcoming Meetings

Your scheduled meetings will appear here. This is where you and the students will go to join class sessions.

Previous Meetings

Your previous meetings are listed here. Details about the call are available when you click on the titles.

Personal Meeting Room

Access your Personal Meeting Room information and start a call within that room. Please note that once someone has this link, they can join your Personal Room any time there is a meeting in session (unless the meeting is locked or you have the Waiting Room enabled).

It is not recommended to use your Personal Meeting Room to hold class sessions.

Cloud Recordings

View all of your past recordings. If you select the toggle under Publish, students will be able to view these recordings. Everyone will access the videos through this tab.

Zoom - Get Started

The following list of pages will guide you through getting started with this tool. The current page is listed in bold.