Logging into Zoom using a USU Account

In order to be able host Zoom meetings with your USU Licensed account, you need to login using SSO (Single Sign-On)

Enable your Zoom account by logging in with your A number and strong password at https://usu-edu.zoom.us/signin

This will initialize your account so that you can log into the Zoom client application.


Run the Zoom Client on your computer or mobile device and click Sign In


At the login screen, click the Sign In with SSO button

Zoom client sign in page with sign in with SSO button highlighted


Enter "usu-edu" in the company domain field and press Continue

sign in with SSO page with usu-edu in company domain field


When prompted, click Open zoom.us

web prompt to open Zoom client

Prior Zoom Account

If you previously signed up for a Zoom account using your USU or another email account, your computer or device might open up without prompting you to login. If that happens, access your account settings and choose Switch Account from the menu.

When you are using your usu.edu (faculty or staff) or aggiemail.usu.edu (student) account, you should see your name, USU associated email account and the word LICENSED at the top of your account settings.

zoom client account information

USU based account information

Zoom - Get Started

The following list of pages will guide you through getting started with this tool. The current page is listed in bold.