Recording Breakout Rooms in Zoom

When recording a meeting with breakout groups, the main recording will only capture whichever room the host is in. If the host is switching between groups, the recording will follow them into each one. If you want the breakout sessions recorded, someone within those groups needs to start their own recordings and then send them/make them available to the host after the meeting.

During the meeting, you can allow participants to record by hovering over their name in the Participants tab and selecting Allow Record. If you would like participants to always have access to the recording feature, follow these instructions:


Go to external link icon and click Sign in

arrow pointing at sign in button



Navigate to Settings on the left side navigation

Settings tab highlighted


Select the Recording tab at the top

arrow pointing at Recording tab


Make sure the first option to "Allow hosts and participants to record the meeting to a local file" is toggled on

arrows pointing at the checkbox and the toggle on feature