Share Zoom Link with an Individual or Specific People

If your course is face-to-face and you would like certain students to join via Zoom you can use this option for making the link available to them.

Note, if you only want to share the link with certain students, do not enable the Zoom link in your Canvas course. Instead, follow the steps below:


Schedule your Zoom Meeting

Follow the steps under the "Schedule Through the Website" section.


After you have scheduled the meeting, click on the title of the Meeting

COVID Accomodation


Click on the "Copy Invitation" text link

copy invitation


Paste the link into the body of an email and send the email to the specific people with whom you want to share it


This short video will walk you through the process of how to share a Zoom link with individual students.

Starting the Zoom Call

Since you didn't activate Zoom in your Canvas course, you will have begin your Zoom meeting by doing the following:


Go to external link icon and click Sign in

arrow pointing at sign in


Navigate to the Meetings tab

Meetings tab highlighted


Hover over the meeting name and click Start

arrow pointing at Start button