Using Whiteboard in Zoom

Zoom has a whiteboard application built into it. Select the Share Screen option and then select Whiteboard.

The top of the whiteboard provides a menu with all of the annotating features available. This menu is also where you access the Save button, which will export the whiteboard as an image onto your computer. The Clear button also provides multiple options, including Clear All Drawings, Clear My Drawings, or Clear Viewers’ Drawings.

Allow Students to Draw on the Whiteboard

Collaborating with participants is possible within the whiteboard if enabled. To enable:


Log into your Zoom account at


Click on the Settings link on the left-hand navigation


Under the In Meeting settings, find the Annotation option and toggle it on

Also, toggle on the Whiteboard option

Zoom website settings with annotation and whiteboard enabled

While you are in a meeting and sharing the whiteboard, hover over the top of your screen until a taskbar appears. Select the More menu and select Enable Annotation for Others. You can also choose to Show or Hide Names of Annotators, which will add a marker with the participant’s name wherever they make annotations.

Zoom whiteboard menu.