Share Zoom Recordings with Individual Students

There are a few different ways that you can share your class Zoom recordings with individual students.

Email a Link to the Recorded Lecture


Go to external link icon  and click Sign in

arrow pointing at sign in button


Select Recordings in the navigation on the left hand side

recording tab highlighted


Find the desired recorded lecture and click Share on the right

arrow pointing at share button


Click Copy Sharing Information, then click Done

arrow pointing at button that says copy sharing information


Paste the information into an email and send it to your student(s)

example of email with information

Make the Video Accessible Through an Assignment

You can also make the video accessible to your student(s) by creating an assignment, embedding the recorded video into the page, and assigning it to certain students. If you would like, you can make the assignment worth points, but it's not required and you will need to record scores manually. (Zoom cloud recordings are sent to your Kaltura My Media, but it will take some time after the video was created to be available. My Media allows you to see viewer statistics so that you know who has watched the recording.)

This method will require you to be logged into your Canvas account and in the desired course.


Go to Assignments in the tools navigation

assignment highlighted


Click + Assignment and give your assignment a name and description

arrow pointing at + assignment button


Click the "Embed Kaltura Media" icon in the content toolbar

kaltura logo magnified


Find your recorded lecture and click  Embed

arrow pointing at </> Embed button


Fill out the rest of the assignment settings

If you are concerned about creating too many columns in the gradebook you can click on the dropdown menu next to Display Grade as and choose Not Graded in the assignment settings.


Make sure to only assign your student(s) that need the recording

Names in assign field


Click Save