Find a Lecture Recorded with Panopto

If you have been recording lectures at USU for some time and need to find a lecture that you recorded using Panopto, these tips might help.

Tags were added to all the Panopto videos when they were transitioned to Kaltura. You can go to your "My Media" in Canvas and locate these videos using one of the following:

  • Course search
  • Instructor name search

Course Search

Lectures recorded for specific courses were labeled with the following naming convention:
[term code][two-digit year] [department abbreviation]-[course number]-[section/parent section]

For example, MATH 1010 section 002 that was taught in Summer 2018 could be searched using:
"su18 math-1010-002"

Term codes are: sp for spring, su for summer, fa for fall

You can get this course name from your Canvas "All Courses" page, just make sure to enter it with all lower case letters.

Instructor Name Search

Instructor names were added to the videos using the naming contention: last first

If my name were Margaret Xio, I would search for: "xio margaret"

It may seem a little odd to search for your own name in your videos, but it isn't likely that your newer videos will have been tagged using this naming convention, so this is an easy way to find videos recorded with Panopto.