Kaltura Video Quiz

The Kaltura Video Quiz is a tool that can seamlessly embed multiple choice questions at various throughout a video found in your My Media repository. As your students watch the video, each question will apear at its chosen point; the video will then continue after the student answers the question. (Note: Multiple questions at the same time point do not work.)

The following content was pieced together from Kaltura's Interactive Video Quizzes page and from their Knowledge Center.

Warning: Quiz results will not be submitted to Canvas if a student takes longer than an hour to complete the quiz. If you have a long video you might want to split it into shorter sections. Encourage students to complete video quizzes in one sitting.

How to Create a Video Quiz

To create a Video Quiz, your media needs to already be found in your My Media repository. See Uploading a Video to My Media to add a video prior to starting the following steps.


Open My Media

my media


Click the Add New drop down, and then click Video Quiz

add new dropdown highlighted with arrow pointing at video quiz option


In My Media, find the appropriate video and click Select

arrow pointing at select button for Share Zoom Link with Everyone in Class video


Add questions by positioning the blue bar where you would like the prompt to appear, then click Add a Question

For more information on the question types, see the Video Quiz Question Types section.

Video quiz editor


Adjust the settings as necessary

For more information on the quiz settings, see the Video Quiz Settings section.

video quiz preview with the settings tabs highlighted


Click Done

Video Quiz Question Types

Currently you are only able to add one question at any point in the video. Adding more than one question with less than ~5 seconds in between questions will result in the first question of the set getting skipped.

Currently the Kaltura Video Quiz has four options: multiple choice, true/false, and open-ended questions and reflection point prompts. After you have written the content for your question and clicked Save, the location of the question will appear above the timeline, which can then be clicked and dragged to make adjustments. You can also navigate through your questions by using the previous and next buttons found on either side of the play button found directly underneath the video preview.

Multiple Choice
The correct answer should be typed in the box with the green check next to it that says "Add the CORRECT Answer Here." Answers will appear in the same order for every student. To randomize the order of the answer choices you have entered, click on the double arrow icon at the top-left of the page. (There is no option to randomize answer choices so that each student gets a different order.) Answer options can also be re-ordered by clicking and dragging on the left-hand side of the answer choice to be moved. Click on the lightbulb icon to add a hint or explanation.

Enter video quiz question

Type your question where it says "Add a Question Here." The correct answer is designated by a white checkbox on a green background; the incorrect answer is designated by a white x on a red background. Click the check mark or the x to change the correct answer.

Video quiz true or false

Open-Ended Question
Your student will be prompted to type in an answer to an open ended question. Upon completing the quiz, Kaltura Quizzes will mark that your student got the open-ended question right, no matter their response. It is advised that you change the scoring settings to "Do Not Show Scores," allowing you to review the responses and manually grade them later on.

Open Ended Question type

Reflection Point
The reflection point will pause the video and display the text you enter. There is no opportunity for students to respond.

Video quiz reflection point


Video Quiz Settings

The Video Quiz settings allow you to customize how your students interact with the video.

You can set the name of the quiz and make changes to the welcome screen.

  1. Quiz Name
  2. Show Welcome Page
  3. Welcome Message
  4. Allow Download of Question List
  5. Instructions

Welcome Page preview window. (2)Welcome (3) In this video, you will be given a Quiz. Good Luck! (4) Pre-Test Available (5) All questions must be answered. The quiz will be submitted at the end.

Allows you to present each user with their score and the correct answers.The Scores dropdown includes whether you would like to allow students to have multiple attempts, and if you would like their score and the answers to appear when they finish.

Note: Upon completing the quiz, Kaltura will mark any Open-Ended question as correct no matter the response. It is advised that you change the settings to "Do Not Show Scores," allowing you to review the responses and manually grade them later on.

Score preview window

The Experience section let's you decide if viewers can change their answers, skip questions, and force progressive viewing.

If you disable Allow Answers Change and allow your students to skip questions, then when your students finish the video, a message will appear telling them that they cannot continue because they have an unanswered question, which will give them an opportunity to go back and answer the remaining questions.

Lastly, you cannot enable the No Seeking Forward feature unless you also select Do not Allow Skip.