Unpublishing and Deleting Media

You can remove or "unpublish" media from a course media gallery. Unpublishing media from a gallery does not delete it from your My Media repository; however, it does remove it from the course Media Gallery page. You can remove or "unpublish" multiple media items from the My Media page. You can also remove media items from the course media gallery page, but you can only remove one item at a time.

If you want to completely delete the media from your My Media repository, you will have to first unpublish it from all Media Galleries. then you will be able to delete media from My Media.

user with player iconUnpublish Through My Media

To unpublish media from a course media gallery through My Media, follow the instructions below. If you no longer need your unpublished media, you can completely delete it from your My Media repository.


Open My Media

My Media option highlighted


Select the video(s) you would like to unpublish

arrows pointing at check boxes for images


Scroll up to the top of the page and click the Actions dropdown, and then select Publish

actions dropdown with Published highlighted


In the Publish in Gallery list, clear the checkbox next to the gallery's name.


Click Save

Delete Media from My Media

Unlike unpublishing, deleting media from your My Media repository is permanent, whereas you will not be able to recover your video once deleted.

Note: If your video is published, My Media will grey out the trash can icon with a message that says that you cannot delete the media while it is published. You must first make your video private. Additionally, if you are not the owner of the media, you will not be able to delete it.

To delete media from My Media, follow these instructions.


Open My Media

my media option in the account settings


Navigate to the media you would like to delete and click the Delete icon

If you want to delete multiple media at once, check the box on the left side of the video preview for each video, then scroll up to the top, click the the Actions dropdown, and select Delete.

arrow pointing at delete media icon


Read the confirmation message, then click Delete

delete confirmation box preview