Upload a Video to My Media 

You can upload a video from your local computer or your smartphone to your My Media repository. After the video is uploaded to My Media, you can publish it to one or more course media galleries. If uploading from your smartphone, it's a good idea to make sure you are on a WiFi network as the file may be large.

To upload a video to My Media, follow these steps.


Open My Media using a web browser (not from the Canvas app)


Click the Add New dropdown, then select Media Upload

Add new media


Click Choose a file to upload


Select the file, then click Open

(The command may be different depending on your operating system.)


Complete the required information on the Upload Completed page 


Click Save

Note: The Publish option is not available until after the upload completes and the video is saved. After that you can click "Publish," select the target media galleries, and save the changes.