Canvas Appointment Sign-up Tool

There is a tool in Canvas to allow students to sign-up for an appointment time on the Canvas calendar. This tool allows for group or individual appointments.

Set-up Available Appointments


Navigate to the Canvas Calendar

Arrow pointing at Canvas Calendar link in right navigation.


Click the + button at the top-right of the page

Arrow pointing at + button in upper-right corner.


Click the Appointment Group tab

Arrow pointing at Appointment Group tab.


Enter appointment name, location, and the dates and time ranges for the appointments

If desired, divide time ranges into smaller appointment slots by indicating the number of minutes you want the appointments to last, then click the Go button.

Example of Appointment Group.

Direct Students to Sign-up

You can use the Email All Students button on the People page to send students an email instructing them to access the course and go to the Student Sign-up link to pick a day of the week to attend class in person or designate their desire to attend on Zoom.


This tool doesn't interface with Canvas or any other tools within Canvas. So, you won't be able to assign homework due dates, set-up Zoom groups, or automatically create Canvas student groups based on the sign-ups in this tool.