Attendance and Seating Charts

The attendance tool in Canvas allows you to take roll and create seating charts. It can be enabled in the course settings. When you open "Attendance" for the first time, Canvas will automatically create an attendance column in the grade book. If you want to create a seating chart without assigning points to attendance, you'll need to edit the assignment settings.

Infectious Disease Precautions: To reduce the spread of infectious disease, such as Covid-19, use the Attendance tool to document student seating. Whether you or your students pick their seats, make a record in the Attendance tool. This will help Case Containment track the potential spread of Covid-19 should a student get sick.

Add the Tool to your Course


If Attendance is not already installed, click on Settings in your course and then click on the Navigation tab

TidyUp menu navigation


Drag the Attendance item from the bottom section to the top and click Save

Disable the Attendance Gradebook Column

Note: The attendance column won't be added to the gradebook until you open the "Attendance" menu for the first time.

Click Assignments in your Course Navigation


Next to Roll Call Attendance, click the options button and choose Edit

Assignment more options edit button highlighted.


In the popup box, click More Options

More options button highlighted.


For the Display Grade as option choose Not Graded from the dropdown menu

Not Graded option highlighted


Click Save

Set-up Seating Chart


Click Attendance in your Course Navigation


Choose the Class tab from the top menu and ensure Edit Seating Chart is selected

Class and Edit Seating Chart tabs are highlighted.


Drag students' names onto the grid to create a seating chart

Student name highlighted with arrow pointing towards the seating grid.


Rearrange students as necessary (changes are automatically saved)

Student card showing in the seating chart grid.


If desired, use the Take Attendance tab to mark attendence from the seating chart view

Video Tutorial

This short video will walk you through the process of accessing the attendance tool to create a seating chart in your Canvas course.