Adding People in Canvas

Add a Teaching Assistant (TA), Grader, or Designer to Your Canvas Course

Note: An instructor cannot add TAs, or Designers after the course end date. Contact CIDI for assistance.


From your Canvas course, click on People from the left-hand navigation


Then, click on the + People button


The option to add users by User ID (A#) is selected by default (Users must have a USU A number to log in to USU's instance of Canvas)


Type the A-number of the person you would like to add in the box


Select the role you want the user to have

  • Designers have access to edit content or copy it to another course, but can't see the Grades page
  • TAs have access to edit content and grade student submissions

Click on the Next button


Verify the user's name: If the correct name is showing, click the Add Users button

Add a Student

As of Spring 2020, if you are teaching a credit-bearing course, you do not have permission to add students to Canvas. Students can get access to your course by registering for your course in Banner.

Students Making up an Incomplete

If students are making up an incomplete, CIDI is happy to create a copy of the original class for you and add the specified student into the course copy.  That will allow you to set future due dates and allow the student to submit assignments.  Contact our office at (435) 797-9506.

Club or Student Organization Courses

If you are an "instructor" for a club or student organization course, you may add students on the People page of your course. Simply:


Click the + People button


Enter the student's A-number or a list of A-numbers


Choose Student from the Role drop-down menu


Click the Next button and verify student name(s)


Click Add Users

Video Tutorial

This short video will walk you through the process of adding people of various roles to your your Canvas course.