Automatically Score Missing Assignments in Canvas

If you have a lot of students in your class, it can be a pain to put in a grade for missing assignments that are past due. A new feature in Canvas will do it for you, automatically!

Access Grade Book Settings

Click on the Grades link on the left-hand navigation. Then, click on the gear icon.

access grade book

Set Late Policies

A new window opens and provides an option for setting the Late Policies.


Click on the check box next to Automatically apply grade for missing submissions


Type a zero (0), or the desired number of points for a missing submission, in the Grade percentage for missing submissions box


Click the Update button

canvas late policies

This feature applies to any currently missing assignments that are:

  • past the due date, AND
  • set-up for online submission

See the Canvas guide on Missing Submission policy External Icon Link for more information.


Score Missing Assignments Video Tutorial

This short video will walk you through the process of automatically scoring missing assignments in Canvas.