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The course Home page is the first page that students see when they open your course or click on "Home" in their course navigation. As an instructor, you can decide what you want students to see on the Home page. This home page, from an actual course at USU, is an example of an attractive and effective format. However, there are many good approaches for your course home page.

If you have previously created a Home Page in Canvas for your course and would like to know how to make various updates to your modules, check out the links below:


Consider using the home page to:

  • Introduce yourself and the course to students (with a custom page that you design).

  • Direct your students to the most important resources they will need to be successful in your course.

  • Remind students of their upcoming assignments.

  • Outline on a weekly basis what you will be covering in class and how they can prepare.

  • Set the home page as a course activity stream so that you and your students can see the most recent announcements and discussions in your course.

sample home page

How to Set the Home Page


On the Course Navigation menu, click Home


Click Choose Home Page

Select Home page


In the Choose Home Page dialog box, select what to display on the Home page

If you would like to use a custom Canvas page as your home page, but the Pages Front Page option is disabled, follow the instructions in the Enable Pages Front Page section.

Choose Home Page


Click Save

Enable Pages Front Page Option

Before a custom Canvas page can be set as the home page, it has to be designated as the front page.


Click Front Page must be set first or navigate to the Pages tab

arrow pointing at front page must be set first link


Find the desired page and click on the three-dot icon at the right end of the row

Three dot icon in Canvas pages list


Click Use as Front Page

Use as front page button


Repeat the steps in the How to Set the Home Page section

Video Tutorial

This short video will walk you through the process of setting up a custom Canvas home page.

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