Create a Quiz in Canvas (Classic Quizzes)

You can use the Quiz tool to create and administer online quizzes and surveys.


Navigate to the Quizzes page and click + Quiz

add quiz button


Select Classic Quizzes and then click Submit

arrows pointing at Classic Quizzes and Submit buttons


Enter quiz details and select the quiz options

On this page type a name for the quiz and the quiz instructions. Quiz instructions are available to students before and during the quiz. Complete the quiz details by selecting the quiz type and assignment group. See the links below for more details:

create a quiz details box

Set quiz restrictions (Optional)

Quiz restrictions are optional and used if you want to proctor a quiz.  You can require a code or password to access the quiz if you want students to take the quiz with a live proctor. You can also use the "Filter IP Addresses" option to only allow students on computers with a certain IP address to access the quiz. When you click on this option you'll see a button Use Logan Testing Center IP Addresses that you can click to auto-fill the IP address range for the computers in the Academic Testing Center.

quiz restrictions expanded


Assign the quiz and set deadlines

You must assign the quiz before students can access it. You can assign the quiz to everyone in the class, a specific section, or an individual student. You can set the quiz dates such as when the quiz is due and a date or date range when the quiz is available for students to take.

quiz assignments


Create the questions

Questions are the "meat" of the quiz. In this step, you can create the questions individually or select questions that you previously created.

For details on creating questions, see the following articles from the Canvas Instructor Guide:

create quiz questions
If you add images to the Files area before using them in quiz questions, be sure to publish the files so that they are only available with the link.

Save and preview the quiz

When you are finished, click Save to save it to Canvas. Once the quiz is saved, you can use the Preview button to view the quiz as the students will see it. Click the Submit button to return to the quiz details page. (If you make additional changes to the quiz without clicking the Submit button, you won't see the changes on the preview.)


Publish the quiz

When you are satisfied that the quiz is ready, you must publish it to make it available to your students. On the quiz details page, click on the Publish button or on the Quizzes page, click on the circle with the line through it next to the name of the quiz.

Helpful video from Instructure (the company that makes Canvas)

Canvas - Get Started