Create a Rubric in Canvas

The purpose of using a rubric is to focus students' attention on critical components of an assignment and to help the instructor maintain consistency when grading. Using a rubric is especially important if there are teaching assistants involved in the grading process or if students are completing peer reviews.

You can create one or more rubrics in Canvas. You can create a rubric on the Assignment page or on the Manage Rubrics page. The Manage Rubrics page lists all of the rubrics in the course, while an assignment page displays only the rubric for that assignment. This topic explains it from the Assignment page, but the process is the same on either page.

Follow these instructions to create a rubric on an Assignment:


On the Course Navigation menu, click Assignments


Click the assignment title to open it


Click + Rubric


Replace "Some Rubric" with a name for the new rubric


Click the + Criterion link to add another criterion to the rubric


Set the Ratings scale and total points for each criterion in the rubric

Hold your mouse between ratings and click the arrow icon that will appear to create more rating boxes. You can use the pencil icon to adjust the rating points.

Hint: Make sure that the total points equals the total points for the assignment.


Click Find Outcome to attach a learning outcome to the rubric (Optional)


Check the box next to Use this rubric for assignment grading so the points will be tallied on the rubric and entered into the SpeedGrader as the score of the assignment


Click Create Rubric when finished

 Note: For detailed instructions with screenshots see How do I add a rubric to an assignment? External Link Icon in the Canvas Guides.

Video Tutorial

This short video will walk you through the process of creating a rubric for a Canvas assignment.

Rubric Settings

There are some optional settings for a rubric that can be selected when the rubric is created or by editing the rubric afterward by clicking on the pencil icon to open the rubric for editing.

I'll write free-form comments when assessing students
This option lets you write comments for each criterion instead of using the ratings scale. Those comments can be saved and re-used for multiple submissions. If you selected this option, you cannot give partial credit. You can still use the rubric for grading if you select both this option and the "Use this rubric for assignment grading" option.
Use this rubric for assignment grading (Recommended)
This option tallies the total points on the rubric and automatically inserts the final score for the assignment in the SpeedGrader. (Without this checked you will need to manually enter the final assignment score.)
Hide score total for assessment results
This option hides the total score of the rubric from students when they view the rubric from the Grades page. You should only select this option for formative feedback.