Create an Extra Credit Assignment

Extra credit is currently not a default option in Canvas. However, you can give students extra credit using a variety of options. Below we will discuss how to create an Extra Credit assignment by giving them a point value of 0. We will also discuss how to create extra credit assignments through Assignment Groups. There will be an additional list of resources at the bottom of this page that will explain more methods on how to award your students extra credit.

Each method has its limitations, so it's important that you determine which method works best according to your needs.

Zero Point Value

This method involves creating an assignment that has a point value of 0. Then, once the assignment has been completed by your students, going in and manually changing the grade accordingly. If you have weighted assignment groups, this will give extra credit to whichever group the assignment is located.

Note: For a zero-point assignment to factor into a student's grade, there must be another assignment in the same assignment group that has a positive point value.

Give the assignment a Point Value of 0


Complete the rest of the necessary information

This method doesn't have any restrictions on which submission type you choose. If you have weighted assignment groups, select which group you would like to place your assignment in.


Have your students complete the assignment


Manually give your students points in the gradebook

You do this by simply going to the gradebook, locating the column that contains your extra credit assignment and adjusting their scores accordingly.

Assignment Groups

You can award your students extra credit by creating an assignment group and assigning it a designated weight. You do this by making your extra credit assignment group exceed the 100% total sum and placing your assignments within that group. 

If you place multiple assignments within an extra credit group, it's important to note that the grades of all of those assignments will get aggregated together. To avoid this, you can create multiple assignment groups with one assignment placed in each. 

When using this method, it is recommended that you make each of the extra credit assignments worth 0 points until the end of the semester. This Instructure forum page external link icon best explains why.

Below is how Canvas calculates the weights in assignment groups.

Standard Grading Approach:
(Points Earned / Total Points Possible) = Total Score (as percentage)

Weighted Grading Approach:
Where En = Points earned in assignment group n,
Pn  = Total points possible in assignment group n,
Wn ­= Weighting for assignment group n, as decimal (e.g. wn = 25% = .25)
(( E1 / P1 ) * 100)W1 + ((E2 / P2 ) * 100)W2 + … + ((En / Pn) * 100)Wn = Total Percentage 



Enter a Group Name and a desired % of the total grade, then click Save


Create a new assignment

If you already have the extra credit assignment created, move it into the new group.


Give the assignment a Point Value of 0 until you near the end of the semester

You may want to notify your students that they won't be able to see the effects of the extra credit until the end of the semester. Again, this Instructure forum page external link icon explains why (under the Note:).


Edit the Point Values accordingly at the end of the semester