Creating a Syllabus in Canvas

If you are creating your syllabus in Canvas, there are some resources available to make this task a little more manageable. To utilize these resources, navigate to the Syllabus link in your Canvas course.


Click on the Edit button


Click on the spaceship icon in the top, right-hand corner to launch the USU Design Tools


Click the Create/Edit Syllabus Content drop-down menu


Click Add/Rearrange Syllabus Blocks, then click on the + Add Blocks button

  1. A list of helpful sections/topics will appear. Click on the + button next to each topic you would like to include in your syllabus. As you add topics from the list, they will appear in the body of your syllabus. You can add/revise then content as you add different topics or wait until you have a full outline and go back and edit the text.
  2. If there is a topic you would like to include that isn't already in the list, click in the field at the top of the Add Blocks window, type in the desired topic title, then click on the + button to the right of the field.

To add the grading scheme that you have set-up in the settings of your Canvas course, click on Canvas Grading Scheme and click the + Add Grade Scheme Block button

(If you haven't set-up a grading scheme yet, there will be prompts to walk you through the process)


To add the university policies, click on the Institutional Policies section drop-down

You may add specific policies by topic, or add the entire University Policies Block. In the event that the university policies change or additional resources are added, they will be updated the next time you edit your syllabus and launch the USU Design Tools.


Be sure to click the Update Syllabus button when you are finished making changes

Syllabus Guidelines

To learn more about what you should include in your syllabus and other helpful resources visit our Syllabus Development page:

Syllabus Development