Full Design Tools User Guide in Canvas

USU Design Tools are some tools within Canvas that allow you to quickly build and style a course in Canvas.

It provides the option to create page and assignment templates, build out a full semester of modules using the templates, and easily manage due dates. This video takes you through use of the tools so that you can get started.

You can also check out the additional Design Tools Tutorial videos.

USU Design Tools User Guide

DesignPLUS was developed to help you create and style course content. DesignPLUS is comprised of rich content editor tools, the Multi-tool, and the Upload/Embed Image Tool.

You can view a summary of all of the Design Tools features below. For the full user guide, please see https://cidilabs.instructure.com/courses/102

Launch the Design Tools

You can launch the Design Tools from content pages, assignments, discussions, announcements, or the course syllabus.

Quick Start

Using Design Tools, you can easily customize the content of content pages, assignments, the course syllabus, discussion descriptions, and quiz descriptions.

Check Accessibility

The Check Accessibility Tools examines page elements for adherence to accessibility standards. 

Check Accessibility Tools

Get Help

Use the Help section to access the User Guide, find local support, keep up to date with changes to Design Tools, provide feedback or find out about open source resources used to create Design Tools.

Get Help Overview

Upload/Embed Image Tool

You can use the Upload and Embed Image tool to upload, crop, and embed images for your course. The Upload/Embed Image tool is a rich content editor LTI Tool.


The Multi-Tool helps you set up a course shell quickly and efficiently. The Multi-Tool consists of three separate tools, a template creator, a module builder, and a due date modifier.