Duplicate a Canvas Classic Quiz

Duplicating a quiz is a good way to make modifications to an existing quiz while maintaining the original within the same course.

Use Cases

Instances when you might use this are when you are using Proctorio and need to make changes to settings for students who haven't take the quiz yet. (Once any student has begun taking a quiz, no changes can be made to Proctorio Settings.)

Another time when you might do this is when creating a pre- and post- test that will cover the same material.

Quizzes with Individual Questions


Click on the course Settings, then click on Export Course Content


For export type choose Quiz


In the list of course quizzes, uncheck "All Quizzes" and check the box for the quiz you would like to duplicate


Click the Create Export button


Once the export finishes, click the New Export link to download the export file


Click the course Settings again, then click on Import Course Content


For content type choose QTI .zip file from the dropdown menu


Click the Choose File button and select the file you downloaded in step five


In the Options section, uncheck the option "Import assessment content as New Quizzes" then click the Import button

Import quiz options

Click on the Assignments link. A new assignment group called "Imported Assignments" should be in your class with the copied quiz inside of it. You can make edits to the quiz title or settings, as needed. (If you move the copied quiz from the "Imported Assignments" assignment group, you can delete that group by clicking on the button with the three dots next to the right of "Imported Assignments.")

Note: Quizzes that draw from question banks can't be duplicated using this method, see below for additional instructions.

Video Tutorial

This short video will walk you through the process of duplicating a classic quiz with individual questions (no question banks) in your Canvas course.

Quizzes with Question Banks

Copying a quiz that is based on a question bank(s) is easy to duplicate.


On the Quizzes page, click on the + Quiz button to create a new quiz


Choose the Classic Quiz Option


Enter the Desired quiz settings


On the Questions tab, click New Question Group, enter a title, and click on the Link to a Question Bank text link then locate the appropriate bank


Click Create Group (repeat, as necessary, for additional question groups)


Click Save & Publish to make the quiz available to students

Video Tutorial

This short video will walk you through the process of duplicating a classic quiz that uses question banks in your Canvas course.

Additional Tutorial

This short video will walk you through a second, simpler process of duplicating a classic quiz in your Canvas course.

Warning: There have been some issues with doing this process multiple times in the same course. If you need to duplicate a second quiz, refer to the written instructions above.