Prepare for Final Grading in Canvas

You have successfully used Canvas to grade all the assignments in your class, now you can save some time by submitting your grades directly to Banner.

Are you ready to submit final grades to Banner?

Make sure and check off each item in the list below before you submit the final grades.

  • Check square Letter grades appear in the gradebook. If you aren't seeing final letter grades, be sure to Enable a Grading Scheme.
  • Check square There are no blanks in the gradebook. If a student is missing an assignment and can no longer submit it, be sure to enter a "0" for the score. However, if that assignment is not going to be counted against the student as part of the final grade, enter an "EX" for excused. If submissions for the assignments were made within Canvas you can Automatically Score Missing Assignments.
  • Check square There are no icons in cells of the gradebook. An icon indicates an online submission that hasn't been graded. Click on the cell containing the icon and access the SpeedGrader to finish grading that assignment.
  • Check square There are peach highlights in the gradebook. The color peach means the student has re-submitted the assignment and it needs to be re-graded before submitting a final grade.

Submit Final Grades

See Submit Grades to Banner in ServiceNow (login required) for instructions.  


To attend a workshop on preparing for final grading see the CIDI Workshop Calendar.

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