General Canvas Gradebook Help

You can keyboard navigate (tab, enter, and arrow keys to change cells. Click the keyboard icon for more information.

Click on the column header options icon (three dots) to:

Canvas grading options

  • sort the column by ascending or descending scores, missing, or late submissions (Sort by)
  • go directly to the SpeedGrader
  • Message Students Who haven’t submitted assignments or have scored more or less than a given number of points
  • Set Default Grade to enter 0 for any missing assignments, or a default grade that the majority of the students earned (enter exceptions first)
  • Post/Hide grades or set a Grade Posting Policy to adjust visibility for students

Use the View dropdown menu to:

Canvas grading view options

  • order columns by assignment name, due date, points, or module (Arrange By)
  • show only certain columns using assignment groups and/or modules (Filters)
  • show only specific students by section and/or assignment group (Filters)
  • change the color highlighting of late, missing, resubmitted, dropped, or excused assignments (Statuses...)
  • show or hide notes column (visible only to instructors) and/or unpublished assignment column

You can view a history of grade changes by going to Gradebook > Gradebook History...

Canvas Gradebook History button