How to Grade a New Quiz

For New Quizzes that include Upload and Essay items, you will need to manually grade some questions. New Quizzes use SpeedGrader. You may be familiar with SpeedGrader if you have graded past assignments in Canvas. If not, see our SpeedGrader section for tutorials.


From your course home page, select Grades

Canvas course grades

Note: Selecting the name of a New Quiz will open the Build page rather than an assignment summary.

To access SpeedGrader, select the box with a score of the New Quiz

Grades score cell


Next to the quiz score, select the icon of a rectangle with an arrow pointing right

Open pop-up window in gradebook


From the right sidebar, you can change the status of the selected assignment to Late, Missing, or Excused

You may also add a comment that will be visible to the student from their Grades page

Grading panel


To score the New Quiz, select SpeedGrader

SpeedGrader link


The student’s quiz will appear under a Results section

This summary includes a note of questions that need to be manually scored

New Quizzes SpeedGrader


For some questions, you may select the check mark to give full credit and the X to mark the student’s answer incorrect

scoring individual question


Use the right sidebar of Speedgrader to add attachments, audio/video recordings, and comments for the student

attachments, a/v recordings, and comments


When you are finished grading, scroll to the bottom of the quiz and select Update (This will save your changes)

save changes

For more information, see the Canvas guide “How do I grade an assessment in New Quizzes?