Mastery Paths

Mastery Paths allows you to customize learning experiences for students based on performance. You can enable Mastery Paths to automatically assign coursework based on the score achieved for a previous assignment. This provides multiple opportunities to show and achieve mastery in a course.

Mastery Paths Tips:

  • It’s best if the module starts with an auto-graded quiz, but could also be an assignment or essay quiz.
  • Every student's grade must be posted for the conditional items to be assigned to them.
  • Pages have to be enabled for for Mastery Paths when they are being edited. (See the Activating Mastery Paths in a Page section)
  • When organizing the mastery paths, it is best to have the Mastery Path assignment at the top and then put the conditional items under it with an increased indent. See the image below for an example.

modules preview with 3 dots selected and indent increase button highlighted

Enabling Mastery Paths in a Course


Go to Settings

settings tab highlighted


Scroll down and locate Mastery Paths and click the checkbox

master path setting underlined and the checkbox is highlighted


Click Update Course Details

arrow pointing at update course details button

Setting Up a Mastery Path

The following instructions assume that you have already created all of the assignments that you would like to include in your Mastery Path.


Go to Modules and add all of the Mastery Path content into a module

module example with module path assignment with conditional assignments


Go into the Mastery Path assignment

arrow pointing at Mastery Path Assignment


Make sure this assignment is assigned to Everyone

assign to everyone preview


Navigate to the Mastery Paths tab

Mastery Paths tab preview


Assign the point interval for each path

The example below would have the following interval settings:

Path 1: 8-10 points
Path 2: 5-7 Points
Path 3: 0-4 points

arrows pointing at the master paths point inputs


Create a path by clicking on the +, selecting the desired assignments, and clicking Add Items

1, click on the +; 2, add items to path; 3, click add items


Click Save

arrow pointing Save button


Go into each Path assignment and assign it to Mastery Paths

assign to preview with Mastery Paths selected


Return to Modules and review the Mastery Path

To best do this, go into the Student View and look to see if the conditional assignments under the Mastery Path assignment appear. If they do, review the Common Mistakes section below.

Common Mistakes

  • The main assignment isn't assigned to Everybody and the conditional assignments aren't assigned to Mastery Paths
  • The conditional assignments aren't placed under the same module as the Mastery Path assignment
  • The Mastery Path assignment or any of the conditional assignments aren't published
  • You accidentally created multiple Mastery Path assignments nested within each other without meaning to

If your Mastery Path still doesn't seem to be working properly after checking through the problems above, contact a member of CIDI by calling (435) 797-9506 or emailing

Activating Master Paths in a Page


Go to Pages

Pages tab preview


Locate the necessary page

arrow pointing at Module 1 Material page


Click Edit

arrow pointing at edit button in top right corner


Scroll to the bottom of the page, locate Mastery Paths, and click the checkbox.

arrow pointing at checkbox to enable mastery path in page