Canvas Multi Tool

The Multi Tool helps you set up a course shell quickly and efficiently. The Multi Tool consists of three separate tools, a template creator, a module builder, and a due date modifier.

With the Multi Tool, you can do the following: 

  • Create a Home page, publish it, and mark it as the Front page.
  • Create template assignments, discussions, pages and quizzes that you can add to modules.
  • Create new modules or add to existing modules.
  • Update all assignment due dates, unlock dates, and locks dates–all from the same screen.
  • Adjust delayed announcement dates.

Add the Multi Tool to your course

Before you can use the Multi Tool, you must add it to navigation menu in your Canvas course. By default, the Multi Tool is hidden because it is typically used when setting up a course. 

To add the Multi Tool, follow these steps:


On the course navigation menu, click Settings


On the Settings page, click the Navigation tab


On the Navigation tab, enable the Multi Tool or drag it from the list of hidden items (on the bottom) to the list of available items


Click Save

Launch the Multi Tool

After you have added the Multi Tool to your course navigation menu, you can launch it by clicking on the Multi Tool item. The first time that you use it in any of your courses, the Multi Tool prompts you to authorize access to your account.

Authorize Cidi Labs DesignPLUS

 Once you have authorized it, you can use the Multi Tool in any of your courses. However, you will still need to add it to the navigation menu in each individual course.