New Quizzes Overview

If you have created a quiz in Canvas, the quiz building and quiz-taking experience you are most likely familiar with what is now called “Classic Quizzes.” There is now an option to create a Classic or New Quiz.

Note: New Quizzes does not currently support Kaltura (My Media) or Proctorio1. If you use third-party apps in your quizzes, we suggest working with the Classic Quiz option for now. Also, exams that pull questions from Question Banks will not migrate, but you can add all the questions from the bank to a quiz and export the quiz for importing into a New Quizzes question bank.

This article includes Canvas resources, a side-by-side comparison of Classic and New Quiz features, and a walkthrough of the New Quiz landing page, “Build,” to help you make the choice between using Classic and New Quizzes for your course.

There is quite a bit of documentation on how to use the New Quizzes tool in the Canvas Guides for New Quizzes external link icon , so please see their documentation for additional information about how this tool works. See also Instructure's FAQ for New Quizzes external link icon .

Feature Comparison

This section is a side-by-side illustrations of some Classic and New Quiz features. For a more comprehensive list, see the official feature comparison document.

The quiz landing page has been changed to a Build page with tabs for Settings, Reports, and Moderation.

Classic Quizzes

Classic Quiz Settings

New Quizzes

New Quzzes Settings

Questions can be edited directly from the Build page, rather than by navigating from the Questions tab in classic quizzes.

Classic Quizzes - Edit Questions

Classic Quizzes Questions Tab

New Quizzes - Edit Questions

New Quizzes Edit Page

When building a New Quiz, there is the option “Do not count this assignment towards the final grade,” which replaces the Quiz Type dropdown.

Classic Quizzes - Quiz Type

Quiz Type Drop-down

New Quizzes - Do not count towards final grade

Do not count towards final grade option

Question banks used for Classic quizzes are now “item banks.” For more information, see “Question Banks in New Quizzes.”

Note: The old question bank system does not interact with the new Banks system. If your course has many quizzes that pull from question banks, it may take a while to convert them to New Quizzes, as there is not a way to migrate question banks directly to New Quiz “Banks.”

Classic Quizzes - Question Banks

Class Quizzes Question Banks

New Quizzes - Banks

New Quizzes Banks

In classic quizzes, outcomes were associated to question banks with one or more questions. In New Quizzes, outcomes can be associated to the overall quiz and individual questions. For more information, see “Managing Outcomes in New Quizzes.”

Classic Quizzes - Connection with Outcomes

Classic Quizzes Outcomes

New Quizzes - Connection with Outcomes

New Quizzes Outcomes

New question options include Categorization, Ordering, and Hot Spot. You can also link directly to an item bank in the quiz. Canvas guides include walkthroughs for each item type.

Classic Quizzes - Question Types

Classic Quizzes Question Types

New Quizzes - Question Types

New Quizzes Question Types

Moderation options, such as giving students extra time for a quiz, are now accessible from the Build page. For more information, see “Giving Students Time Extensions in New Quizzes.”

Classic Quizzes - Moderate this Quiz

Class Quizzes Moderate this Quiz

New Quizzes - Moderate

New Quizzes Moderate

New Quizzes also includes features such as a way to set a waiting period between multiple attempts on a quiz, an on-screen calculator option and answer shuffling within some question types, Quiz and Item Analysis and a new Outcomes Analysis dashboard.

Canvas Resources


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