Question Banks in New Quizzes

“Banks” or “item banks” in New Quizzes are similar to the question banks used for Classic quizzes. Item banks can be used to sort questions and store questions for use in multiple quizzes.

Create an Item Bank


Begin on the Build page for your New Quiz

On the right-hand side of the Build page, find and select the button Item Banks

item banks button


In the menu that appears, you will see all the item banks you have created in the course

Item banks share many of the same functions as question banks, but you will not see any question banks added to New Quiz Banks.

empty item bank window


To create a bank, select + Bank

new bank


Enter a distinct name for your item bank (for example, “Subtraction,” “Module 1 Summary Questions,” or “Matching questions”). Then, select Create Bank.

create bank option


You will see your new bank listed under “Banks”

By selecting the dropdown menu to the right of the bank name, you can edit or delete the bank

edit bank


Add Questions to an Item Bank


Begin on the Build page for your New Quiz



Select the pencil icon to the right of the question you would like to add to an item bank

align to outcomes


Find and select the option Item Banking. You may need to scroll down to find this



Select Add to Bank

add to bank


Use the pop-up to add the question to an existing item bank or create a new bank

pop-up menu showing options of existing item bank or new item bank


Then, select Add



You will see a note indicating that the question is now a Banked Item

Changes to the question should now be done in the item bank

This ensures that if the item (question) is used in multiple New Quizzes, there won’t be several versions of the same question.

banked item


Select Done


Add an Item Bank to a New Quiz


From the Build page of your New Quiz, select Item Banks

item banks button


You will see a list of all questions in the bank. From here, you can view, edit, copy, move, or remove the question from the bank

Find and select the name of the bank that contains items you would like to add to the quiz



If you would like to add all items in the bank or a set number of random questions, select + All/Random

For instructions on setting the number and point value of randomized questions, see How do I add all items or a random set from an item bank to an assessment in New Quizzes? external link icon

add all/random questions


Otherwise, to add individual bank items to your quiz, select the + symbol in the top left-hand corner of each item.

add individual items


The bank item(s) you select will appear in the quiz

banked items appear on quiz


Select X to close the Item Banks window

close banks window

Moving an existing question bank to a New Quiz “item bank”

Currently, existing question banks used for classic quizzes cannot be converted directly to New Quiz “item banks” in the Canvas system. Next to using a QTI package to import items into a bank external link icon , the best option is to transfer a classic quiz that does not pull from any question banks to a New Quiz, then to add all migrated quiz questions to an Item Bank.

See how to transfer a classic quiz to a New Quiz.

See above for instructions on how to add questions to an item bank.